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 Why Two Tone Studios?

Remember sitting down with your parents or grandparents and flipping through their old photo albums?   The feeling of holding a physical album and you discovering memories that they have long forgotten.    Remember going to Nonni’s house with Family photos proudly plastering on every square inch of the walls?   Not only of the recent family, but photographs spanning back generations.

At Two Tone Studios, we don’t just take a photograph, we capture memories for future Generations.    Each photography session weather it be a wedding, family, equine, or business is focused around fun and being relaxed.   We create an Experience that keeps our clients coming back for more.

Our photos are classic and timeless, and it is very rare that we use filters or textures which ultimately dates an image.    We focus on the moment and emotion that can be lived and experienced over and over again.

All of our Heirloom products use archival materials and we believe in supporting local artisans and business.   Therefore all of our Wall Enlargements and Albums are handcrafted in Toronto and Barrie.   We also buy the majority of packaging and promotional products within Canada as well.

 Let us create Artistry for your Memories


Two Tone Studios – The Studio


Two Tone Studios Photography is just a 5 minute drive from both Guelph and Cambridge Ontario. Two cities which are heavily involved in Artistic and Musical culture. Kurt Brown, owner and operator, started Two Tone Studios in 2006 as a collection of his award winning images. The business grew, and in 2oo8 it was relocated to a storefront location on Baker and Quebec Streets.

Two Tone studios

Being a farm boy at heart, Kurt decided it was time to take the photo studio into the country where it is currently located today. The 1900sq foot facility features an indoor shooting area, digital facility, Viewing and meeting areas, as well as a full framing and assembly shop. Outside the studio doors lay 5 acres of diverse photography locations including a pond, fields, bush, and swamp.

Take a Trip to the country for a relaxing and enjoyable photo experience.

“Today, he’s even more in his element, running his own Two Tone Studios, which features a cool client consultation area, studio shooting space and an impressive in-house digital facility.” – The Wedding Ring


Kurt Brown

Photo of Kurt Brown

Owner, Operator, and Photographer Kurt is an award winning graduate of the applied photography program at Sheridan College and an Accredited PPOC photographer in Wedding Photojournalistic.   His images have been exhibited throughout the world, graced magazine covers, and have been granted recognition and awards – most recent a Professional Photographers of Canada Judges Award for the 2014 Provincial Competition.  His keen eye for detail and ability to adapt his techniques and skills to each situation, and have produced great results repeatedly.  Kurt Grew up outside the little village of Ayr Ontario, and his country background is still reflected in his images and outlook on life.

“Each one of the photos that he’s taken seems to tell a story in itself. They all have

something different in each picture, something special…”

- Past bride Kate Flemister


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