Kelly And Adam’s Same Day Slideshow {Rockway Vineyards}


The images in this slideshow were viewed and enjoyed by Kelly and Adam’s guest at their wedding reception. Each Same Day slideshow is selected and edited at the reception during the dinner.   We begin the process by downloading our cards then browsing and selecting our favourites.   From there  we  quickly edit each selected image for viewing – there are no special filters, no photoshop, nothing crazy just the images in their purest form. For a better quality show click on the  settings button gearimages  and select 720p quality.  Sit back and Enjoy

Wedding details…….

wedding date: September 27, 2014
weather: Sunny, hot, and clear skies with more sun.
Two Tone photographer: Kurt, Rick
wedding venues: The St. Catherine’s Holiday Inn,  Rockway Vineyards

Thank-you Kelly and Adam  for allowing us to be apart and to capture your awesome wedding celebration.

Cheers, Kurt & Rick

2 Responses to Kelly And Adam’s Same Day Slideshow {Rockway Vineyards}

  1. Kelly De Kuyper says:

    Kurt you are amazing! You made our day, from start to finish. My grandpa can’t stop talking about how professional you are, ( us too!). You came in to our rooms and helped to create the perfect day. The way you use natural lighting is brilliant! You made all of us feel so comfortable, even Adam who hates his picture being taken. Thank you for guiding all of us along ( and keeping us on track hahaha). Everyone at the wedding was so impressed with the dinner slide show, I remember when you did that for katie kimura and Todd Graham’s wedding it was just so perfect. You even stayed late to capture that nighttim picture. Adam and I are so great full that you where part of our day. Cannot wait to see more pictures. Xoxo Kelly and Adam.(cannot wait to have you capture all our moments ❤️)

  2. Two Tone says:

    It was my pleasure, and thank-you for the comments. Everyone at the wedding where truly amazing, and I had a blast. :)

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