Bob Maclean ~ Wedding Vendor Feature with Bob

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

We love going to weddings and hearing the live music performances of very talented individuals.  Often it is a family member or friend, however there are very few who are as talented and experienced as Bob Maclean.    Bob and I first met at the Ariss Valley Golf and Country’s Wedding Show where his music was simply amazing and was enjoyed by all who attended.   The true talent can be heard on his many sample videos on youtube, however to get an appreciation of his work it is best to attend a live public performance which are listed on his website.   We had the opportunity to photograph Bob for his new promotional images, and sit down to learn a little more behind the Music of Bob Maclean.

Enjoy, Kurt

To start off here is Bob’s event and wedding sampler.  To hear more of Bob’s work please check out his Youtube Channel.

Who are you? Tell us alittle back story.

I am Bob MacLean – Event Guitarist covering South Central Ontario and have been playing music for special events for years. My music can have a roots inspired feel to it, drawing on traditional/blues/celtic influences in addition to pop and classical styles. When people watch me play, they have no doubt about my passion and enjoyment for what I do.

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

What is your favorite musical song and album?

Well…. Where to begin… expect the obscure I guess. Martin Simpson is probably my favourite player – his 1989 album “Leaves Of Life” still does if for me.  I am also a big fan of Ennio Morricone’s music from  “The Mission”.

What keeps you inspired?  Being able to create more magic with just 6 strings.

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

How did you get your start in the wedding industry?  Its more like the industry is finding me.  I’ve done weddings for years, driven by “word of mouth” marketing.  Now, as I make music my fulltime occupation, I want to do more because it really is an opportunity to make an impact on a special day. This motivates me.

Why are you in the wedding industry? Weddings allow me the chance to play the music I want to play!  That may sound odd but, with almost every wedding, there is a request for a song, a tune, even just a brief riff of a tune that the couple wish to hear. I am a quick study in situations like this and I love the challenge. It usually amounts to a new song/tune in my repertoire.  My arrangement of Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” came out of just such a situation.

What is your most memorable wedding moment?  Being asked to play two brand new selections that the bride REALLY wanted and coming up with arrangements that delighted the couple!

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

What trends do you see in the wedding industry?  Social media is clearly playing a role in marketing and gaining exposure – getting noticed to begin with.  Technology is also making it easier for others to hear my music in ways other than “live” in their living room.   However, in the end, it’s the quality of the performance that I deliver that will make the memories

What is awesome about your company? And what do you offer?   I take pride in a number of things:

~ ability to listen to clients and meet their needs
~My music engages people every time.
~ I can arrange a solo guitar version of most any song or tune

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

Why do you think brides choose you for their wedding? Reputation. Experience. Good listening.

What advice do you have for future wedding couples?  Well, to put my business hat on…..consider live music for both a ceremony and reception. The cost of me playing guitar for ceremony/reception is not an investment in music and ambiance – its an investment in creating memories.

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

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