DJ Charlie Clean – Wedding Vendor Feature with Mark

We first met Mark from DJ Charlie Clean a number of years ago at The Royal Wedding Show in Guelph.  Since then we have had a ton of fun working with DJ Charlie Clean at numerous events.  We love Mark because he is easy going and truly looks after his clients.    For Mark it’s about building relationships with the client and having their ideas and personalities incorporated into the song selection.    This customization ensures every wedding is an unique experience for the couple.   Mark is no stranger to charities, and his generosity was experience last summer when he was involved with the PPOC “Lost Memories” event to recreate a wedding experience for a couple who lost their wedding photographs.

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down and gain a little insight into the Mastermind behind DJ Charlie Clean.


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Who are you? Tell us alittle back story.   My name is Mark Caravaggio, or some may know me by my nickname “Charlie Clean”. My business was started out of an extreme love for music, people and too many weddings gone wrong. I feel like someone needed to step up who genuinely cares. I cared so much that I left my old corporate life in the dust!

What keeps you inspired?  Well, we just don’t show up at an event and hope for the best. I personally work with couples to make their event just right, by covering the important details that need to be captured in advance so we can prepare accordingly. By having the opportunity to work with these couples, knowing their story, and executing our role at the event and having fun doing it is more than enough to keep me inspired.

How did you get your start in the wedding industry?  I worked for many of the large DJ organizations in the GTA and really obtained some incredible experience. I also started to get a vision of taking much of that experience, and many of the things I realized I wouldn’t want in my business, back to Guelph and began building a new era for the wedding DJ experience in this area.

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How long have you been in business? I slowly started things in 2006, but my business now looks drastically different to what it did then, and I suppose this is a natural progression; you don’t necessarily see this at the beginning however. Life is a crazy place to be ;-)

What is awesome about your company? And what do you offer? We are fanatical regarding details. No detail is left unturned, and this is all handled in advance, directly with myself. It is so important to handle these details in advance so there isn’t a situation where the DJ is searching for answers at the wedding reception. We want the couple and their guests to focus on having an incredible time and soaking it all up. Living in the moment is key for us, most especially on the wedding day! We offer amazing 24-7 service directly with myself (yes I will answer an email at 10PM!), a customized online planning solution for our couples, a selection of really cool, established, experienced non-traditional wedding DJ’s, great access to an incredible wedding planner to help you plan out your day, and most importantly an understanding that the wedding day is all about them and not us. We can’t stress this enough!

Why are you in the wedding industry?  I absolutely love weddings! The way I’ve structured my business is such that it gives me the opportunity to work with my couples intimately leading up to the wedding day. All the details put in leading up to the wedding, and then putting those details to work on the day is so completely rewarding!

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What do you love the most about weddings?  Working with the couple very closely and having them knowing we’re here to work with them and not doing our own thing. Running a completely customized event, unique to every single wedding, and of course there’s always the thrill of watching guests thoroughly enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

Do you experience any challenges at weddings?  There are always challenges at weddings, but I suppose this is part of the fun of participating in weddings. I always say we need to be extremely flexible to go with the flow and change where needed. We work hard in advance to have a great timeline of events in place for reference, but things do change at weddings, and it’s all about us being prepared and communicating while smiling throughout :-)

What is your company best known for in the industry? We do receive about 60% referrals, so this tells me that we do what we say we’ll do, and that’s deliver great service, amazing music, and provide a unique service that stands on its own.

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What is the funniest thing you have experienced at a wedding?  Perhaps the no pants groomsmen dance would be close to the top of the list ;-)

What is your most memorable wedding moment?  While DJing at a prominent wedding venue in Toronto, right at the peak of the dance floor action, someone starts yelling at the top of their lungs for me to turn the music off. It was at this time I recognized there was a crowd around a guest lying on the dance floor, blood and glass everywhere. Shortly thereafter, however, the guest was up and left the dance floor, the team at the venue cleaned up the mess on the dance floor and the music was able to come back on. I’ll never forget this drunken moment in time.

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What trends do you see in the wedding industry? Just going off of the past couple years, things like choreographed father/daughter dances instead of first dances is a cool twist to the beginning of the dance floor. Also, couples are choosing much more modern music for their ceremony, first dances etc. Most importantly, and I challenge my couples to do this as well, they are thinking outside the box and not always just having the wedding traditions that have existed at weddings for such a long time. So things like having a cocktail reception, or foregoing the bouquet and garter toss, choosing cupcakes instead of having a cake cutting, having their first dance upon entering into the reception instead of after dinner and the list goes on.

The average bride spends… $1000

Deposit required to book: $300

Months to book ahead: Depending on which date, but anywhere from 6 to 24 months is highly recommended.

What advice do you have for future wedding couples?  Do a lot of research, read current testimonials, speak to wedding professionals in the industry to get their seal of approval for other vendors. Look for best value for price, not cheapest option. DJ companies are not all the same!