Amanda and Andrew’s Awesome Wedding Adventure


With the windows rolled down and making the 2 hour trek north on country backroads, it came apparent why I love back country driving.  The small villages and open country side creates a more relaxed driving experience then the busy and craziness of the 400 series highways.    The beauty of the rolling hills in Caledon and beyond is breath taking, but the ever present rain clouds that are lingering will surly make this day interesting.

Upon arriving at the Mashinter’s Residence in Angus we where greeted by Lilly, a Beautiful Mini Australian Shepard who Amanda and Andrew recently rescued.    It also came apparent that Amanda’s favourite colour was purple, and we just had to use the walls of her old bedroom as a backdrop for some of the photos.

Ivy is a Quant little town or some will call an intersection just south of Angus.   It had the honour last year to be the host site of the International Plowing Match which we where the official event photographer.    Ivy was also host to Amanda and Andrew’s Wedding Ceremony which was held at the Orange brick Ivy Hall.  This is where we first got a glimpse at Amanda’s father Paul’s fully restored 1948 car and his 1948 pickup truck which was once owned by his father.

After the ceremony and with the Thunder starting to rumble we quickly headed over to the Turnbull Family Farm, and took photos with the old cars,  Amanda’s beloved horse Missy, and with Andrew’s Grandfather’s John Deer Tractor which Andrew lovingly restored.   Just as we finished up photos with the tractor the rain started to fall, and we found refuge in the old barn before heading to Drysdale Tree Farm for the reception.  The Rain Continued throughout the evening and made those rolling back country roads more of an adventure on the way home.

What a great day and a fantastic couple.  Enjoy the photos. :)


Advice for Future Brides - Don’t stress the little things, the day all comes together and will be the best day of your life

AmandaAndrew(blog)_004 AmandaAndrew(blog)_005AmandaAndrew(blog)_006AmandaAndrew(blog)_008

Favourite Moment:

Amanda - Walking down the isle with my Dad and seeing Andrew waiting for me at the front of the hall Andrew - Seeing Amanda walk down the isle


The images in this slideshow were viewed and enjoyed by Amanda and Andrew’s guest at their wedding reception. Each Same Day slideshow is selected and edited at the reception during the dinner.   We begin the process by downloading our cards then browsing and selecting our favourites.   From there  we  quickly edit each selected image for viewing – there are no special filters, no photoshop, nothing crazy just the images in their purest form. For a better quality show click on the  settings button gearimages  and select 720p quality.  Sit back and Enjoy

AmandaAndrew(blog)_012 AmandaAndrew(blog)_013

We would not change a thing, it was the most perfect day, it was the best day of our lives.


Best wedding related decision was to make sure everything was indoors and to have a back up plan for pictures incase it rained.  Made things less stressful.  Thankfully we were lucky and squeaked our pictures in before the rain :)


We can’t pick just one Favourite detail; All the decorating that Vicki and her crew from Posh Beyond events did was beyond amazing.

AmandaAndrew(blog)_015 AmandaAndrew(blog)_016

Wedding details…….

wedding date: May 30, 2015
weather: Overcast with Periods of Sun.  Hot day with a breeze that ended in Thunder Showers
Two Tone photographer: Kurt, Mark
wedding venues: Ceremony – Ivy Hall, Reception – Drysdale Tree Farm, Photos at Turnbull Family Farm

First Dance- Amazed by lone star

Additional wedding vendors: Posh Beyond EventsWildwood Catering, DJ Gary G


“Having Kurt from Two Tone Studios for our engagement pictures and wedding pictures was one of the best decisions we made.  Kurt is a super friendly, easy and fun to work with kind of guy.  He is so talented at what he does, he listens to all things you want from your pictures, as well adds his creative touch to make the most stunning pictures.  We cant thank him enough for everything.  I would recommend Two Tone Studios to anyone looking to have beautiful, creative, and long lasting memory pictures done. ”
~ Amanda and Andrew

Thank-you Amanda and Andrew  for allowing us to be apart and to capture your awesome wedding celebration.

Cheers, Kurt & Mark


Bob Maclean ~ Wedding Vendor Feature with Bob

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

We love going to weddings and hearing the live music performances of very talented individuals.  Often it is a family member or friend, however there are very few who are as talented and experienced as Bob Maclean.    Bob and I first met at the Ariss Valley Golf and Country’s Wedding Show where his music was simply amazing and was enjoyed by all who attended.   The true talent can be heard on his many sample videos on youtube, however to get an appreciation of his work it is best to attend a live public performance which are listed on his website.   We had the opportunity to photograph Bob for his new promotional images, and sit down to learn a little more behind the Music of Bob Maclean.

Enjoy, Kurt

To start off here is Bob’s event and wedding sampler.  To hear more of Bob’s work please check out his Youtube Channel.

Who are you? Tell us alittle back story.

I am Bob MacLean – Event Guitarist covering South Central Ontario and have been playing music for special events for years. My music can have a roots inspired feel to it, drawing on traditional/blues/celtic influences in addition to pop and classical styles. When people watch me play, they have no doubt about my passion and enjoyment for what I do.

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

What is your favorite musical song and album?

Well…. Where to begin… expect the obscure I guess. Martin Simpson is probably my favourite player – his 1989 album “Leaves Of Life” still does if for me.  I am also a big fan of Ennio Morricone’s music from  “The Mission”.

What keeps you inspired?  Being able to create more magic with just 6 strings.

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

How did you get your start in the wedding industry?  Its more like the industry is finding me.  I’ve done weddings for years, driven by “word of mouth” marketing.  Now, as I make music my fulltime occupation, I want to do more because it really is an opportunity to make an impact on a special day. This motivates me.

Why are you in the wedding industry? Weddings allow me the chance to play the music I want to play!  That may sound odd but, with almost every wedding, there is a request for a song, a tune, even just a brief riff of a tune that the couple wish to hear. I am a quick study in situations like this and I love the challenge. It usually amounts to a new song/tune in my repertoire.  My arrangement of Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” came out of just such a situation.

What is your most memorable wedding moment?  Being asked to play two brand new selections that the bride REALLY wanted and coming up with arrangements that delighted the couple!

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

What trends do you see in the wedding industry?  Social media is clearly playing a role in marketing and gaining exposure – getting noticed to begin with.  Technology is also making it easier for others to hear my music in ways other than “live” in their living room.   However, in the end, it’s the quality of the performance that I deliver that will make the memories

What is awesome about your company? And what do you offer?   I take pride in a number of things:

~ ability to listen to clients and meet their needs
~My music engages people every time.
~ I can arrange a solo guitar version of most any song or tune

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

Why do you think brides choose you for their wedding? Reputation. Experience. Good listening.

What advice do you have for future wedding couples?  Well, to put my business hat on…..consider live music for both a ceremony and reception. The cost of me playing guitar for ceremony/reception is not an investment in music and ambiance – its an investment in creating memories.

Bob Maclean Vendor Feature wedding

Deposit required to book: Contact  me

Months to book ahead: Contact me


DJ Charlie Clean – Wedding Vendor Feature with Mark

We first met Mark from DJ Charlie Clean a number of years ago at The Royal Wedding Show in Guelph.  Since then we have had a ton of fun working with DJ Charlie Clean at numerous events.  We love Mark because he is easy going and truly looks after his clients.    For Mark it’s about building relationships with the client and having their ideas and personalities incorporated into the song selection.    This customization ensures every wedding is an unique experience for the couple.   Mark is no stranger to charities, and his generosity was experience last summer when he was involved with the PPOC “Lost Memories” event to recreate a wedding experience for a couple who lost their wedding photographs.

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down and gain a little insight into the Mastermind behind DJ Charlie Clean.


DJ charlie clean photo 01

Who are you? Tell us alittle back story.   My name is Mark Caravaggio, or some may know me by my nickname “Charlie Clean”. My business was started out of an extreme love for music, people and too many weddings gone wrong. I feel like someone needed to step up who genuinely cares. I cared so much that I left my old corporate life in the dust!

What keeps you inspired?  Well, we just don’t show up at an event and hope for the best. I personally work with couples to make their event just right, by covering the important details that need to be captured in advance so we can prepare accordingly. By having the opportunity to work with these couples, knowing their story, and executing our role at the event and having fun doing it is more than enough to keep me inspired.

How did you get your start in the wedding industry?  I worked for many of the large DJ organizations in the GTA and really obtained some incredible experience. I also started to get a vision of taking much of that experience, and many of the things I realized I wouldn’t want in my business, back to Guelph and began building a new era for the wedding DJ experience in this area.

DJ charlie clean photo 002

How long have you been in business? I slowly started things in 2006, but my business now looks drastically different to what it did then, and I suppose this is a natural progression; you don’t necessarily see this at the beginning however. Life is a crazy place to be ;-)

What is awesome about your company? And what do you offer? We are fanatical regarding details. No detail is left unturned, and this is all handled in advance, directly with myself. It is so important to handle these details in advance so there isn’t a situation where the DJ is searching for answers at the wedding reception. We want the couple and their guests to focus on having an incredible time and soaking it all up. Living in the moment is key for us, most especially on the wedding day! We offer amazing 24-7 service directly with myself (yes I will answer an email at 10PM!), a customized online planning solution for our couples, a selection of really cool, established, experienced non-traditional wedding DJ’s, great access to an incredible wedding planner to help you plan out your day, and most importantly an understanding that the wedding day is all about them and not us. We can’t stress this enough!

Why are you in the wedding industry?  I absolutely love weddings! The way I’ve structured my business is such that it gives me the opportunity to work with my couples intimately leading up to the wedding day. All the details put in leading up to the wedding, and then putting those details to work on the day is so completely rewarding!

DJ charlie clean photo 003

What do you love the most about weddings?  Working with the couple very closely and having them knowing we’re here to work with them and not doing our own thing. Running a completely customized event, unique to every single wedding, and of course there’s always the thrill of watching guests thoroughly enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

Do you experience any challenges at weddings?  There are always challenges at weddings, but I suppose this is part of the fun of participating in weddings. I always say we need to be extremely flexible to go with the flow and change where needed. We work hard in advance to have a great timeline of events in place for reference, but things do change at weddings, and it’s all about us being prepared and communicating while smiling throughout :-)

What is your company best known for in the industry? We do receive about 60% referrals, so this tells me that we do what we say we’ll do, and that’s deliver great service, amazing music, and provide a unique service that stands on its own.

DJ charlie clean photo 004

What is the funniest thing you have experienced at a wedding?  Perhaps the no pants groomsmen dance would be close to the top of the list ;-)

What is your most memorable wedding moment?  While DJing at a prominent wedding venue in Toronto, right at the peak of the dance floor action, someone starts yelling at the top of their lungs for me to turn the music off. It was at this time I recognized there was a crowd around a guest lying on the dance floor, blood and glass everywhere. Shortly thereafter, however, the guest was up and left the dance floor, the team at the venue cleaned up the mess on the dance floor and the music was able to come back on. I’ll never forget this drunken moment in time.

DJ charlie clean photo 005

What trends do you see in the wedding industry? Just going off of the past couple years, things like choreographed father/daughter dances instead of first dances is a cool twist to the beginning of the dance floor. Also, couples are choosing much more modern music for their ceremony, first dances etc. Most importantly, and I challenge my couples to do this as well, they are thinking outside the box and not always just having the wedding traditions that have existed at weddings for such a long time. So things like having a cocktail reception, or foregoing the bouquet and garter toss, choosing cupcakes instead of having a cake cutting, having their first dance upon entering into the reception instead of after dinner and the list goes on.

The average bride spends… $1000

Deposit required to book: $300

Months to book ahead: Depending on which date, but anywhere from 6 to 24 months is highly recommended.

What advice do you have for future wedding couples?  Do a lot of research, read current testimonials, speak to wedding professionals in the industry to get their seal of approval for other vendors. Look for best value for price, not cheapest option. DJ companies are not all the same!


Gillian and Mikey’s Awesome Wedding {Guelph, ON}


I love photographing small intimate weddings, and Gillian & Mikey’s Guelph wedding celebration was no exception.     Gillian and Mikey are so relaxed and fantastic to work with.  After a year engagement, they picked their date and started planning for the wedding only 2 months ago during this past Christmas, and it was fantastic.

We started off with photographing their ceremony at the Guelph City Hall, and the first thing I noticed was Gillian’s AWESOME Green shoes.

After the Ceremony we photographed the family photos in front of the City Hall’s famous living wall.   Where with the help of technology we included Gillian’s Maid of honour and sister Elizabeth who was not able to make it to the wedding.

All dressed for the -24 freezing weather we heading from the warmth and comfort of the city hall to our first of many photo locations.   Spending around 20 minutes at each location then we would hop in the cars to warm up and travel to the next destination.  Even with this warm up period my one camera froze and stopped working, which is why we always carry backups of our back up equipment, but you know its cold when……..

After getting some fantastic winter photos, we headed over to La Cucina restaurant for the reception and to unthaw.    One of the coolest thing was their give aways for the guests.   We each received a Mason Jar full of amazing coffee from Grizzly Coffee in Guelph which was a special blend made especially for Gillian and Mikey’s wedding.

After the 3 hour”Mangia Mangia” marathon of the best Italian food I have ever had (would recommend La Cucina to everyone), as a group we played a quick game of  “Telestrations” before heading out to finish off the evening with some snowing street photos downtown Guelph.

Please enjoy a few of my favourite moments and photos from the day.



Favourite Memories of the Day  ~ Mikey:  Seeing Gilly walk into the room.


Favourite Memories of the Day  ~ Gill:  Skyping with family around the world before the ceremony…and then seeing Mikey looking dapper!



Any Surprises:  The weather  -24 c before wind chill was not anticipated!


Advice for future couples:  Do whatever you want! ..but also if you have an outdoor photoshoot on the coldest day of winter, don’t forget your boots!


Favourite Detail: Loved the restaurant – they went out of their way to make it spectacular.


Best Wedding Related Decision:    Keeping it small and intimate


Would you change anything:  Nothing!

The rest of the wedding details…….

wedding date:  Friday February 13th, 2015
weather: Overcast and -24 Freezing cold with flurries, snow, then a blizzard.
wedding venues: Guelph City Hall, Guelph Covered Bridge, Arboretum,  La Cucina
Two Tone photographer: Kurt
wedding First Dance Song: Our House – CSNY
Other Vendors: Lyric Flowers in Stratford, Grizzly Coffee in Guelph

In Their Words: 

“We loved working with Kurt. One of the reasons we settled on him as a photographer instead of the countless other wedding photographers was his personality (as well as his photographs!). As we were having a small (around 25 people) wedding, we really wanted someone who could interact with our guests and make them feel at ease. Kurt came recommended to us by Andrew Goodwin, and the quality of his photographs alone stand for themselves. I would highly recommend Kurt to others and appreciated his candour on one of the big days in our lives. Thank you, Gill and Mikey”

Thank-you Gillian and Mikey for allowing us to be apart and capture your awesome wedding celebrations.

Cheers, Kurt


Lena and Damian’s Awesome Wedding Adventure {Guelph, ON}


The images in this slideshow were viewed and enjoyed by Lena and Damian’s guest at their wedding reception. Each Same Day slideshow is selected and edited at the reception during the dinner.   We begin the process by downloading our cards then browsing and selecting our favourites.   From there  we  quickly edit each selected image for viewing – there are no special filters, no photoshop, nothing crazy just the images in their purest form. For a better quality show click on the  settings button gearimages  and select 720p quality.  Sit back and Enjoy

Wedding details…….

wedding date: December 27, 2014
weather: we asked for  hot, clear skies with lots of  sun….. it was the direct opposite cold, overcast and no sun or snow.
Two Tone photographer: Kurt, Mark
wedding venues: YRK – York Road Kitchen and Chocolate Bar,  Photos in the dark along York Rd and at the OR

Additional wedding vendors: #thedreamteam – Barb from A Piece of Cake, Mark from DJ Charlie Clean, Robyn from Blooms & Flora, Angie from Jacha Mineral (makeup artist),  and Don Perron from Weddings by Don

Thank-you Lena and Damian  for allowing us to be apart and to capture your awesome wedding celebration.

Cheers, Kurt & Mark


2014 PPOC National Image Salon Images

Once a year PPOC hosts Canada’s Largest Image competition. Each accredited member of the PPOC has a chance to enter up to 4 of their favorite images which are then judged by a panel of 5 Judges for awards.

This was my first year entering the competition and I am excited and honoured to have had 3 out of 4 images accepted into the Salon. For an image to be accepted it has to score a mark of 80% or higher.

Thank-you to all the Judges and people involved to make this National Salon a great and memorable one.






A Very Special Dance

The connection between a Daughter  and her Father is a very special one and to have a Dance  set aside for them on a wedding day is very important moment.  Every I hear the song Butterfly Kisses played as the music for the Father Daughter dance at a wedding reception…I get Goose bumps, so when I came across this very special Father Daughter dance I just had to Share.
Please grab a box of Tissues and give it a View.

[youtube src=”” size=”span12″ clearbottom=”true”]

On a Happier note,  please watch this pretty awesome Father Daughter Dance.  Action Starts around the 1:15 mark.  :)

[youtube src=”” size=”span12″ clearbottom=”true”]











Beyond the Photo – A Special Moment

“Looking at our wedding photos,  it would be so hard to choose the most beautiful photo but for me personally this image is the most special.  It isn’t a beautiful scenery photo or anything, but it’s right when Bryan and I stepped out of the church before anyone else came out to greet us.  Even though I actually don’t remember this moment, it’s amazing that Kurt captured this private time between us.   We were JUST married, we had a few seconds to ourselves and we shared a nice kiss that shows our genuine happiness without anyone watching.  We can now remember it forever with a photo!”

 – Sarah Mackenzie
For more photos of Sarah and Brian’s wedding please Visit their Story Page on our website.   Link


Beyond the Photo(s) – Family and Love

“We were married on Aug 15, 2009 and when we first had our sit down with Kurt  I just knew I wanted him as our photographer.  Every time I look at my photos even still 3 years later, I am glad to have met someone who understood what we wanted.

The first photo of us sitting there together hangs in our dinning room. It’s the photo our 2.5 half year old looks at everyday with a big smile on her face and tells me how cute we are or that she loves us.  It’s the photo I walk by every single day  and remember our wedding like it was yesterday.  It reminds me as to why I married my husband. I love it for so many reasons; I love the fact that at that moment I remember how happy and in Love I am.   I also remember how great of a day our wedding was and that we have so many more years of this ahead of us.


The second one is of my husband and I laughing during what was suppose to be a make out session during a kissing game. I remember my Father’s table being right in front of us and how awkward I felt. I love this photo because it describes my husband and I to a T. It describes our relationship and how fun it is. Having a child, sometimes you forget things, and these pictures remind me every single day why I fell in love with my husband and how easy to be around he is. This picture in specific reminds me that every single day I get to go through life laughing with him by my side.  It reminds me that life shouldn’t always be stressful, that sometimes you need to laugh your way through it, even if you do look like a dork (which I am okay with by the way). Most of all I love these pictures because it makes my daughter happy seeing her mommy and daddy together, and I get to show her when she is older what a man should be like.


If I could,  I would share every single picture of our wedding day and describe why I love each of  them so much. It’s because of Kurt that I get to share these with our daughter and she gets to see what life was like before we had her.  She even keeps our wedding photo album in her room to look at often.  It’s because of Kurt, I am reminded of what life is about and who is important in life. That’s the friends and family who stood beside and behind you on your wedding day.  Those are the people who matter in life.  I will forever be thankful to Kurt for capturing literately every single moment of that day. ”

– Beth-Ann Smith


Giscelle and Tim’s Wedding Sneak {Bayview, Toronto}


After Giscelle and Tim’s Engagement Adventure Session,  I couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding day.  I don’t think Giscelle stopped smiling all day and this is a true reflection of their love for each other.   With a crazy fun wedding party, laid back Bride and Groom, and a beautiful spring day how could this wedding not be amazing?    Enjoy the sneak preview !!


Favourite Memories from the day:
Giscelle : Seeing Tim when I was walking down the aisle. Also, the bubbles outside the church! That was fun!
Tim : Seeing Giscelle walk down the aisle which made my legs feel like jelly. Also, the speeches – they were very heartfelt.


layout7[youtube src=”” size=”span12″ clearbottom=”true”]

Make sure you watch  Giscelle and Tim’s Same day Slideshow Above  for more images from their wedding day.    The images in this slideshow were viewed and enjoyed by Giscelle and Tim’s guest at their wedding reception.  For a better quality show click on the  settings button gearimages  and select 720p quality.  Enjoy.



Best decision for your day: Going with the bridal party and vendors that we did (you did such an amazing job!) and getting all that food!

Favourite touches to the day:  One of our favourite items from the wedding are the polaroid pictures taken by guests to put into the guestbook. It made us laugh!



Your advice for future brides and grooms:
Brides: You can’t help but worry about the little things, but on the day of your wedding, let it all go. :) It’s going to turn out great! And make sure you have people you can trust in your bridal party because it goes so smoothly when you do! My bridesmaids were so helpful with planning and execution; I couldn’t ask for a better day.
Grooms: Be calm; don’t be anxious because there’s nothing to worry about.

layout8 layout3



The Rest of the details…….

wedding date: May 11, 2013
weather: cold and overcast with a few sunny periods later in the day
Two Tone photographers: Kurt & Sarah
wedding venues:  Holiday Inn – Woodbine Rd Markham, St.Gabrial’s Church, and Bayview Golf and Country Club
wedding colours: Peacock Colours – teal, purple, with a hint of gold
wedding songs: First Dance – Shattered by Remy Zero; Father Daughter – Daddy’s Little Girl by Michael Bolton; Mother-Son – Time Flies by Johnny Reid. The bridal party entered the reception hall with the theme from Austin Powers. We entered with Love and Marriage by Frank Sinatra.
other vendors: Leonard Shen (UVStudios), Dave Sen (Kooltempo, DJ and Lights), Paulina Sazon (Fete Boutique, Flowers), Bayview Golf and Country Club 

Thank-you Giscelle and Tim for letting us capture your amazing day.   We hope that Round 2 of your wedding in the Philippines is just as memorable.   Safe trip and have fun.   Cheers, Kurt & Sarah