Sarah and Mark Wedding ~ Same Day Slideshow (Newmarket)

The images in this slideshow were viewed and enjoyed by Sarah and Mark’s guest at their Pheasant Run Wedding reception in Newmarket, Ontario. Each Same Day slideshow is selected and edited at the reception during the dinner.   We begin the process by downloading our cards then browsing and selecting our favourites.   From there  we  quickly edit each selected image for viewing – there are no special filters, no photoshop, nothing crazy just the images in their purest form. For a better quality show click on the  settings button gearimages  and select 720p quality.  Sit back and Enjoy


Wedding details…….

wedding date: June 14, 2014
weather: Sun, Sun, Sun.
Two Tone photographer: Kurt, Mark
wedding venues: Pheasant Run Golf and Country Club in New Market

Thank-you Sarah and Mark  for allowing us to be apart and to capture your awesome wedding celebration.

Cheers, Kurt & Mark


Giscelle and Tim’s Wedding Sneak {Bayview, Toronto}


After Giscelle and Tim’s Engagement Adventure Session,  I couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding day.  I don’t think Giscelle stopped smiling all day and this is a true reflection of their love for each other.   With a crazy fun wedding party, laid back Bride and Groom, and a beautiful spring day how could this wedding not be amazing?    Enjoy the sneak preview !!


Favourite Memories from the day:
Giscelle : Seeing Tim when I was walking down the aisle. Also, the bubbles outside the church! That was fun!
Tim : Seeing Giscelle walk down the aisle which made my legs feel like jelly. Also, the speeches – they were very heartfelt.


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Make sure you watch  Giscelle and Tim’s Same day Slideshow Above  for more images from their wedding day.    The images in this slideshow were viewed and enjoyed by Giscelle and Tim’s guest at their wedding reception.  For a better quality show click on the  settings button gearimages  and select 720p quality.  Enjoy.



Best decision for your day: Going with the bridal party and vendors that we did (you did such an amazing job!) and getting all that food!

Favourite touches to the day:  One of our favourite items from the wedding are the polaroid pictures taken by guests to put into the guestbook. It made us laugh!



Your advice for future brides and grooms:
Brides: You can’t help but worry about the little things, but on the day of your wedding, let it all go. :) It’s going to turn out great! And make sure you have people you can trust in your bridal party because it goes so smoothly when you do! My bridesmaids were so helpful with planning and execution; I couldn’t ask for a better day.
Grooms: Be calm; don’t be anxious because there’s nothing to worry about.

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The Rest of the details…….

wedding date: May 11, 2013
weather: cold and overcast with a few sunny periods later in the day
Two Tone photographers: Kurt & Sarah
wedding venues:  Holiday Inn – Woodbine Rd Markham, St.Gabrial’s Church, and Bayview Golf and Country Club
wedding colours: Peacock Colours – teal, purple, with a hint of gold
wedding songs: First Dance – Shattered by Remy Zero; Father Daughter – Daddy’s Little Girl by Michael Bolton; Mother-Son – Time Flies by Johnny Reid. The bridal party entered the reception hall with the theme from Austin Powers. We entered with Love and Marriage by Frank Sinatra.
other vendors: Leonard Shen (UVStudios), Dave Sen (Kooltempo, DJ and Lights), Paulina Sazon (Fete Boutique, Flowers), Bayview Golf and Country Club 

Thank-you Giscelle and Tim for letting us capture your amazing day.   We hope that Round 2 of your wedding in the Philippines is just as memorable.   Safe trip and have fun.   Cheers, Kurt & Sarah